IBM® Cloud Pak™ for Multicloud Management

The IBM® Cloud Pak™ for Multicloud Management, running on Red Hat® OpenShift®, provides consistent visibility, governance and automation from on premises to the edge.

Out with the old, in with the new

Multicloud management from IBM’s Cloud Pak campaign is here. Enterprises are facing a multitude of challenges as their enterprises grow in complexity – making management a difficult, unwieldy task with significant risk to the organization for management and security lapses. DFS has the skills and expertise to help your company adopt this solution today.

> 60%

of customers state they don’t have the tools and procedures to manage and operate in a complex multicloud environment

Source: IBM IBV Study – Assembling your cloud orchestra


Disparate monitoring tools
Lower visibility across multicloud

Slow delivery & management processes
Sequential framework, manual

Security and quality an afterthought
Inserted just before release

The New Way: Automated Operations

Open management architecture

Deliver multicloud operations and security management

Integrate Dev and Ops

Integrate and automate development into the operations toolchains leveraging AI


Security and quality are a shared responsibility, integrated end-to-end


reduction in downtime


increased developer productivity

The Architecture

IBM cloud pak for multicloud layout and architecture

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management offers secure, automated operations and intelligent insight for event, application, infrastructure, and multicluster management – wherever your applications reside. This award winning, open technology is platform agnostic and supports both VM and container management with consistent visibility, governance, and automation wherever your applications reside — on-prem, in the cloud, at the edge or anywhere in between.

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