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At DFS, we strive to understand your company’s needs and provide high-quality IT solutions, services, and resources that will accelerate your business beyond your wildest expectations. Our staff has extensive knowledge in IT Solutions, Project Management and Architect skills specializing in Commercial, Federal and Public Sector markets.

Why DFS?


All of our consultants are highly trained and have expertise in many different technological fields.


By putting our clients first, we ensure the success and satisfaction that we seek from our customers.


We take pride in embracing quality over quantity when it comes to putting out a great customer experience.

These Industries Trust DFS


DFS has had first-hand experince working with many different companies from a wide varienty of industries. Whether it be consulting, financing, or a specific solution, DFS has what your business needs to succeed.


With the healthcare industry is moving towards a modern approach to their services, DFS is here to help those healthcare companies who want to do away with the old way of doing things and start moving forward.

Federal Government

We work directly with government agencies to incorporate market-ready end-to-end solutions that benefit everyday American citizens.

State and Local Government

DFS has worked directly with local and state governments to introduce high-quality solutions that benefit the citizens of these states and counties.

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