To get the full benefit of ITSM, you need to invest in the right IT Service Management tools.

Typically, these tools fall into four categories: identifying problems, analyzing the data, fixing the problem, verifying the problem resolution, and ensuring that it didn’t inadvertently cause more problems.

Most importantly, these tools should be modern enough to be able to handle rapidly changing environments. In other words, if your tools were built to handle environments that change once daily, they aren’t modern enough. Modern tools should be able to identify, analyze, fix, and verify problems in near real-time.

In general, make sure that your suite of ITSM tools cover these functions:


Collect information about the environment and identify problems.


Evaluate the information to determine whether it is similar to past problems, whether to get a human involved, or whether to group like problems or incidents together.


Rapidly fix issues and get back to worrying about what matters.


Make sure that the changes you have made have solved the problem and haven’t caused other issues to occur.

Your ITSM tools should also be able to map to all of the ITIL processes, including change management, knowledge management, integration of the service catalog, incident management, help desk, and problem management. They should be able to integrate with other tools in your environments, such as project tracking software, collaboration tools, and ERP systems.

Selected software packages must graphical, integrated dashboards that are easy to read and do not require high levels of customization. All metrics must be configurable - but best practices should be provided. Finally, reports to help monitor service delivery and quality in real-time, based on key KPIs including ticket volume trends, incident response and resolution times, and service level compliance statistics.

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